Single Monitor Snapshot and Custom Direct Selects

Eos Ti


I tried the first time a single monitor snapshot and was surprised, the snapshot saved the custom direct selects form an other monitor.

Is this correct? 

Now i have to update all my single monitor snapshots for monitor 2, after changing a custom direct selects button on monitor 1?


  • The Custom DS snapshot saves your custom DS layout, not the custom DS tab's placement on a specific tab or screen.  It's saving that "Custom DS slot 1" is mapped to "Color Palette 1," "Custom DS slot 2" is mapped to "Preset 4," etc.  Those Custom DS slots are persistent over every iteration of the Custom DS tab.  So yes, that is correct.  The "Custom DS" checkbox doesn't care where the Custom DS tab is or if it's even open; it'll save the Custom DS layout.

    For this I'll usually have a snapshot of just Custom DS information on its own, then make sure that all of my other snapshots don't contain Custom DS, so that I don't have to redo a bunch of snapshots whenever I decide halfway through a show to change some Custom DS stuff around.

  • when you save a single monitor snapshot in the workspace layout menu, you can't deselect the custom ds checkbox, because there are no checkboxes. you can only click the button "new snapshot"