EOS in large network with multiple stages

We are going to switch from Cobalt to EOS. In Cobalt we could setup diffrent net so we got a list on startup, there we choose stage 1 or stage 3 depending where we are. Is this possible in EOS?... and if it´s possible, is there any guide to setup this or a guide that explain how to use a EOS in a multistage/TV-studio-system?

The old system we have 7 stage in a large network. Every stage could choose it´s own stage or from our WYSISWYG join a stage. We had in the system a UNIFI WiFI NET, so if you walk between two stage and connect via aRFR console 1 or 2 whitout changing WIFI and one setupcomputer. We have a fileserver that could be reach from every consolles and WYSIWYG. Our main coreswitch stops all the sACN-traffic between the stages. I would prefer to copy this setup to my new EOS-consoles or rethinking all the network structure.

  • A few ways you can approach it.

    You can run concurrently using multiple users and multiple cue lists. Each stage with it's own cue lists and consoles all on the same show.  The benefit and drawback of being able to control other stages from any console if you want to (or don't know what you are doing).

    You can run each console with an sACN offset on the same network. Give each console a block of 50 or 125 universes.  As primary they won't step on each other, in client you will see each console on the network you want to connect to. aRFR will see it the same.

    For the TV and Movies I work on I work with the first system.  As we are sharing set builds, effects, colors and working together.  If I was not working with the same team or if other companies were also shooting these stages then I'd do version 2.