Eos v3.0 Saving .esf2 or .esf versions.

In page 86 of the new Eos Family Consoles manual, it states how you can save your show created in Eos 3.0 to a format compatible with Eos 2.9.0 or earlier. I am looking to use Augment3d on a separate PC setup to build the bulk of my show remotely, then transfer to an ETC Element 40 (XP model) which would not be capable of running 3.0

What kind of show information would be lost/unusable when making this conversion in saving the show?

Is there anything I should look out for when programming in order to make a smooth transition? 

Any reassurance here would be much appreciated. 

Thanks! and Happy Holidays

  • When saving as esf2 you will lose your Augment3d model, position information, etc.  Essentially anything not supported before v3.0 will not be in the file.  As for .esf, this will also lose you some compression, so the show file will be larger although it will contain the same contents as the .esf2.

  • A3D saves a lot of positioning stuff (XYZ) and more. If you use using A3D at home and then use "Save As" you will see in the bottom left of the screen some choices on how to save your show file. A3D or not for taking to the ELE40