Mind the gap ION XE parameter count


Im working with my ION XE 20 and a windows computer whit the mind the gap file.

If I patch the whole patch and I exceed the parameter count of my XE20 it would not output to the Mind the gap visualizer.

Is there a way control all of the channels?

Greetings, Benno

  • Hi Benno:  At this time the full capacity of Mind the Gap would exceed the output limit of a base level Ion Xe.  For educational purposes it is not necessary to patch the entire rig, and activities in Level 1 and Level 2 should not need you to.  Another option is to run ETCnomad on Mac or PC in Offline w/ Viz mode, which would allow you to talk to a visualizer without an output limitation, or to run Augment3d and see some output without having to assign addresses.