Misbehaving Macros (or is it me?)

I have two MLs patched to channels 115 and 116. Cue 1 sets INTENS at 0. Cue 2 @ 100% and cue 3 @ 0 again.

We want to be able to apply and stop two different effects on each of them. (In fact they are identical effects - copied with different names and #'s to ID them)

Four macros were recorded to put Effect 1 onto chan 155 and macro 2 to take it off. Macro 3 and 4 did same for Effect 2 on channel 116.

These macros were given buttons in a MS. (How do I get rid of the "Macro #" when I label the buttons?)

Next I run a cue that sets their INTENS to 100%

Using the MS I am able to turn the appropriate effect on and then off for each of the MLs separately. Great.  But!

If I turn both on (which works fine) and then try to turn off just one I get an error message. However, if I clear the CL and hit the button again it works fine!


  • you rmacros are doing exactly what you taught them... typing into the command line and starting with Effect (which is what your macros 1 and 3 do) will append after an existing channel selection. So you have Chan 116 in the command line and then start typing Effect 1 (so far so good, that's still legal), but then your macro types @ which throws an error if your trying to turn of the wrong effect. to avoid that add a [Shift]&[Clear] at the beginning of both macros.

    the macro number on your MS object is a field. in MS edit mode scroll down in the the object properties tab (while one or more of those macro objects are selected). find where it says Field 1: Target Name and Field 2: Target ID and set those to None.