Freezing Effects

In another thread I described how I wanted to apply two different FX to two different MLs and be able to stop and start these at random to illuminate a particular spot in the audience. Advice was sought and as result I set up two different methods to see which would be easier for the ops. 1/ I made separate macros and MS buttons to stop and start the FX on each ML and 2/  programmed two 'Global FX Faders'. On first blush both methods work well. The FX on either ML could be started and stopped on command.

However, on watching the movement of the ML using both methods I noticed that whenever a stop was made (MS Button or GFXF) the MLs would return to the "MIN" values in their profile I.E. pan -270 and tilt -135. I observed this watching the values in the Live Table and in Augment3d.

And, if an FX was running when I went into the next cue (Intens = 0) the FX remained running.

This has been a very educational experience for me but I'm still trying to find a way to stop the beam when it is illuminating different areas in the audience. I.E. P&T should hold where they are when asked to stop. The other FX run-on is probably easier to solve.