Tablet aRFR won't connect via Wi Fi

Eve All

has anyone had issue's connecting a tablet (Android) via Wi-Fi router since the update to the aRFR App?

The Theatre has been dark since March so decided to fire it up for an hour or two to check things.

All was fine, so switched on the router & Tablet, after a few general updates to the Tablet I tried the aRFR app. It initially opened then crashed, then a msg saying there was an update available. Once this had finished I tried it again, the app opened & the console connection was there as before but not connected.

In the past we have always powered up the console first & then switched on the App, so I re-booted, still no joy.

I have read many posts about difficulties getting things to work, but as it was working perfectly before lockdown & the update surely all the settings in the console have remained un touched.

We have an Element 500  with a TP Link router in port 1

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.