Connecting laptop to Eos


I'm in the process of trying to establish a hardwired connection between a laptop and our ION xe console so I can mirror the console data and to provide a tether connection for Augment3d (albeit not at the same time).  Both the laptop and the console are running software version, fixture libraries match (Aug 2020).  The console is set to provide DHCP and the router has been set to pass this information. 

The hardware architecture is:

ION xe hardwired to the WAN port on router (have tried it in the LAN ports as well with identical results as described below). 

Laptop is hardwired into a LAN port on the same router. 

The ION is responding to commands from the aRFR app on a phone connected wirelessly to the same router.

IP for the ION is subnet mask=

IP for the Laptop is showing as  it has been via DHCP

I believe the laptop should have an IP falling in the same range as the ION 10.101.100.XX for them to properly link. An open diagnostic tab (tab99) on the ION shows the laptop as being visible on the network but it will not connect as either a mirror or Augment3d. 

I've tried manually shifting the laptop to a fixted IPv4 address in the proper range but windows wont accept the settings I try to use.  I have included a shot of the windows connection configuration window to illustrate the settings I have tried using,  Additionally, I've included some photos of the diagnostic tab info incase it is of any help, MikeHPLaptop is the machine I am hoping to mirror on. The laptop just keeps looking for a master to mirror.  

Many Thanks for any thoughts/assistance,