Google Drive as Show Archive Path

Am I able to shift+update saving files to the show path that would go to Google Drive using the Google Drive application on Mac with Nomad?

Google Drive shows up as a network drive when using the application.  In EOS, saving the file as... shows a path of \\Google Drive\My Drive\...

I have tried many paths in the shell settings under Show Archive Path with both forward and back slashes. 

Is this possible? What is the proper path?

Thank you. 

  • i use a cloud that mirrors a local folder, so my solution is different. and i don't know if it's possible. but you might be able to map the cloud drive to a drive letter, e.g. X:. this way the shell should think it's a local drive and allow you to put it as an archive path.

  • I have been successful using Microsoft OneDrive across multiple platforms. I just set up the OneDrive location in the shell as my default show file archive and that way I always have the most current version of the file regardless of which computer I might be using at the time. Biggest challenge is remembering to keep EOS and fixture files at the same version to prevent any surprises.