A Macro to write text in the command line


I'm trying to write a Macro to write text in to the command line in response to an incoming UDP string.

The show control UDP triggering a macro is all working OK, it's the Macro bit I can't get to work.

I can write a macro that start with the Label/Note key, and then type my text, but to terminate that text I need to do a carriage return, and then close the macro learn.

Ok, so far, so good. 

When I manually trigger the Macro it works. The text appears in the command line, followed by Eos returning Error. Syntax Error, which is as expected because Eos doesn't know what to do with the text. But when I trigger it from UDP I can see the macro triggering, but the text never appears.

I **think** what is happening is that the text is being sent to the command line, Eos replies Syntax Error, and then the final carriage return character in the macro is immediately acknowledging the syntax error and clearing the command line. All so fast I never get to see the text!

Any thoughts or pointers gratefully received!

Actually my end goal is for a persistent text string to be displayed on Eos in response to an incoming UDP string. maybe  triggering a Macro isn't the way to go at all.

Thank you.

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