Display-Bug in 2.9, 3.0, 3.0.1

Hej Folks,
I have another one. I think I already posted this here but would like to try again as it still appears in 3.0.1.
It´s about showing the flexi state and active partition on the upper right corner of the channel-sheet.
Sometimes it´s there and sometimes it´s not. It also can happen that it is shown on one Display but it´s not on another.
I wasn´t able to find out under what circumstances it´s shown and when it´s not.
In the Tab at the bottom it always shows the correct state.

Is that something that can be fixed? 

Thx again!

Cheers Paul

  • I'm working to replicate this here. 
    Next time it happens might you be able to snap a photo and reply with it?

  • Hej Sara,

    this is what looks like most of the time.

    First pic is the main screen where it's shown like 95% of the time and second is on an external where it has been there but just a tiny few times...

    Can it be related to working with snapshots coming from an older SW-Version?

    Right now I'm on 3.0.1 but having this Problem since 3.0

    I always work with adjusted snapshots originally created in 2.8



  • Thank you, Paule.  Knowing that Snapshots are involved might be just the ticket to replicating this and getting it reported.

  • I have the same problem, with the addition that the workspace without Flexi state also does not show Cue Only or the Manual Channels indicator.