Bug: selected channels auto-clear between live and blind

one of my favorite flexi views to work in 2.9.x was Selected Channels in both live and blind... i could flip between live and blind and my channel selections would stay, extremely helpful. Now in 3.0.2 everytime i switch between live and blind the selected channels stay for a split second and then clear themselves. Disappointed


  • "my channel selections would stay". you're refering to which channels are shown on screen, not to selected channels (i.e. command line)?

  • with a clear command line, i was used to the expected behavior of the last channels i had selected remaining in my selected channels flexi view of tab 1 (which must be set this way for both live and blind). Now when i go from live to blind or blind to live (with a clear command line but my last selected channels in the view), the channels will clear from the view after a split second of the switch to live or blind.