Entour ICE DMX

American DJ entourage ICE is a device that uses only water and dry ice to create ground fog. The ice is loaded into the device and the lid is locked down. The device can be set for different modes.

Since the device is not in the library at this time I have chosen the two channel mode on the device with each channel being a dimmer on the console. Channel 1 turns on the water pump to fill the ice well. Channel 2 controls the output volume.

When channels 1 and 2 are raised to full there is very little output from the device.

When DMX is disconnected and the device is controlled manually at the device, it functions properly.

I did a test by removing the ice to see what was happening with the water on channel 1 and discovered when channel 1 is raised to full the water flows into the ice well quickly however only for a few seconds and then stops flowing and begins very random short very small bursts of water. That means only a couple of inches of water flow into the well, which is about 12” deep. The ice does not get submerged.

It appears the device is having problems responding to the DMX from my ion XE. Using a DMX tester I discovered the signal being sent through DMX shows 0 to 255 and back to 0 as it should on that channel.

Any ideas? I contacted American DJ however I have not received a reply since it is the weekend. I am wondering if it has anything to do with refresh rate.