Eos Fader Cuelist Masters

Hi All!

I have a question regarding Faders for Ions, Nomads etc. 

I'm trying to setup my busking setup so I have 5 faders for groups 1-5 of lights. 

I then want to have a series of faders, each with a cuelist on them for color combos, focus effects, presets, etc.

What I'm having issues with is setting it up so that I can bump through a cuelist for say focus effects, have it ready to go, then just bring up the fader to bring in that list.

Currently I can only work out how to 'fake it' by just turning the fader for that cuelist into a "Effects Master". The "Master" option for the fader, doesn't appear to actually do anything? Which seems odd. 



  • There are a couple of different settings of yours when i read your post a couple of times.

    And i don't know what you realy set up.

    But i could imagine the following:

    - 5 Subs for the groups (Int only, maybe inhibitivs)

    - 5 Subs for NIP for every Group

    Is this something you can imagine to have as setup?