Multipart Cues and Mark

Currently if we have a ML pointing to one spot in cue 1 and in the next cue (2) to another we see, of course the ML moving -To get rid of it I copy the 2nd cue to 1.5 and turn off the MLs intensity. To save multiple GO's I use a Follow so cue 1 fades, 1.5 turns off the ML and seeks out its new focus ready for 2.

I was wondering if I could use Multipart cues? Lets say part one looked after all  the other lights whiles part 2 would turn off the ML earlier. Question: Once the ML went to 0% would the ML goto cue 2's  new focus?

  • each parameter can only receive one move instruction within a cue, no matter how many parts you put in there.

    Cue 1: ML is at 100%, Position A
    Cue 2: ML is at 100%, Position B

    you want to press Go for 2 and then the ML fades out to mark and then fade back in. which means you're trying to do this (but it will not work):

    Cue 1: ML is at 100%, Position A
    Cue 2 Part 1: ML is at 0%, opportunity to mark
    Cue 2 Part 2: ML is at 100%, Position B

    But this means that the ML's Intens would need to receive more than one move instruction in one cue (cue 2). So this doesn't work.

    The way you're already using is the way to go.

  • Oh right. I was forgetting that even an intensity change is regarded as a 'Move'' Thanks for sorting this out.