Record Only in Cue Only

Our techs have used a EXP3 for over 20 years and just will not allow me to use Tracking mode in the ELE2!

And we have little ML experience. Here is a scenario:

We have a ton of cues many of them pointing ML1 in different directions. Whilst in a cue a tech wants to turn ML1 bright white and RECORD it to a sub as "lightning" that he can Bump.

This will record all the stage to the sub (Right/Wrong?) And, if while he is in a cue pointing ML1 way upstage he bumps that 'Lightning' sub the P&T and all other lighting data recorded at the time of RECORD will try to exercise (Right/Wrong?). We have seen some pretty ugly demos of this.

I'm thinking that RECORD ONLY would only record the manual changes (in this case and Intensity and Color change) to the sub. So on Bump we shouldn't see ML1 try to point elsewhere or any other 'stuff' .ML1 should only go to to 100% and (if need be) change to white. (Right/Wrong?)

I've been sitting here trying to think up a demo I could program at home here to demo the need for Record Only but keep messing up.

  • Record Only does not have anything to do with Tracking vs Cue Only.

    Record Only uses the Manual Levels (Red Font Values) and stores only those values to a given target.


    You are trying to record a Submaster with only Intensity and Color data for a specific Channel.  There are a multitude of ways to do this, which could use Record Only, but here are two other ways as well:

    In Live:

    In a cue with no other manual values.

    Manually set Channel 1 to Full and "Bright White" color

    Record Only Sub 1 Enter


    With the values you desire to store in place (regardless of the source - cue, sub, manual)

    Channel 1 Intensity Color Record Sub 1 Enter

    This will only allow the intensity and color values of Channel 1 to be recorded in Sub 1.


    This can be done in blind as well:

    Sub 1 Enter

    Channel 1 Full Enter

    Channel 1 Color Picker "Bright White"

    (Do no touch any other parameters)

  • Thanks Seth. No, I'm aware the Cue Only and Record Only are unrelated - I just wanted to make sure you knew the console was Cue Only so no tracking going on.

    Thanks for the examples. Looking at example 1 using Record Only was sort of where I was aiming.  I'm going to set them up on my EOS suite at home at watch it all play out.