Pixel Map Installer


I am currently teaching myself pixel mapping on an ETC Element, but only the effects in Virtual Effect Layer Ver 1.1 seem to be working. When I go to Virtual Effect Layer Ver 1.0 library 0 is completely empty. Trying to Import pixel map media from the Browser area has been fruitless, and I have seen other people who have solved this problem by downloading the Pixel Map Installer. However, I can't find where I'm supposed to download it on my device, and I'm also not sure if it's compatible with the device I'm using. Is there any other way to solve this problem?

  • What's the Element's software version? (you can find this information when you press About with an empty command line).

    And there might be a typo in your post: Virtual Effect Layer Ver 1.0 is not supposed to show a library. Were you talking about a Virtual Layer?

  • Hi!

    If I understood your instruction correctly the software version is (Maybe 2.6.4 is enough?). As you can probably tell I'm a bit new to this program. 

    And you're of course right about the typo, I meant to say Virtual Layer Ver 1.0.

    P.S, sorry for the late reply. As the device is borrowed I haven't had access to it in a few weeks.

  • You may need to run the pixel map installer on your Element, if it shipped with an older software version.  This can be found here:  www.etcconnect.com/.../DownloadAsset.aspx
    This is run via Software Update in the shell, rather than import in the browser.