Excel cue list import


I there a way of importing a cue list from Excel into EOS?  Looking to import cue time and cue label and scene breaks if possible? 

Any suggestions welcomed! 


  • I imagine the formatting would not work for your chosen flavor of paperwork... but I could see linking cells to a formatted sheet in excel with the correct format to then export a csv to then import to the correct target text for label and scene.... I would make a macro in both Excel and EOS to accomplish that, so I suppose technically it's possible.

    I think I'd stick with the old school way of updating Excel and then entering changes into the cue list.

    Maybe the question should be asked of when in the process are you wanting to do this import?

  • Hi,

    I managed to figure out what I was looking for... Using the CSV Export labels  type your 'cue synopsis' out in excel and then import the file into a new show file and it will automatically enter in the cue number in the right list with timings, scene breaks and part cues!

  • Hello AMugrave,

    i quite don't get it. But it sounds nice.

    Can you explain it a little more detailed please?

    I am intrigued