Can I REMOVE or otherwise deactivate an address?

I'll warn you in advance that this might be a really, really stupid question.  

Long story short - Several dimmers have been turned into non-dim / constant power sources.  Is there a way to remove those addresses from the patch so they're not visible?  

For the moment, I've made them all "CP MODULE" so at least anyone going through the patch knows they're not available dimmers (and that's fine if that's the solution).  And in the past (as I'm sure there will be in the future) there's been the occasional "defective tail" or what not, bad module, etc.  Would be nice to just "hide" those addresses.  

Just looking at options.  Thanks! 

  • Hello JohnScrip,

    if it is a NonDim, why not patch it as a NonDim?

    It will then get a little "ND"-mark in the Live View.

    You can also use [Park] as an additional option.

    Then the Channel will stay at the Parked value.

    And if you don't want to have the address patched at all, go to patch and remove it with [delete].

    Or if you make a new show, don't patch it.

    I would prefere the NonDim version coupled with Park.

    Hope thats helpfull.