"Scroll Lock" macro?

Here's the situation: My venue has an Eos Ti, which is currently running v3.0.1, complete with replacing the "Scroll Lock" key with "Stage". I know the key combo for Scroll Lock has changed to [Shift]+[Stage]. The problem is, this new key combination is quite a stretch for one-handed operation. My thought was to record a macro with the Scroll Lock function, and map it to one of the customizable hard keys. I noticed that when I try to learn this as a macro, [Shift]+[Stage] posts "Page_Mode" to the Macro Editor, and it doesn't seem to actually do anything. I've tried appending "Enable" or "Disable", but that doesn't seem to do it, either. I also don't see "Scroll Lock" listed as an available soft key in the macro editor.

I was also unable to make this work in Nomad v3.0.2.

Is there something else I'm missing? Has anyone had success with creating a Scroll Lock macro?