New Fixture rewriten - Stops and Mops Desk Dough

Hello everybody,

the new Fixture Desk Dough is on the market and is blowing my mind.

I even found a Fixture in the current EOS Software and a 2nd on the Website of the company.

Both of them where not to my fullest satisfaction.

So i decided to make a new one.

With some helpful eyes and inputs of Ueli i made a first version for EOS. And i want to share it with you.

Here you can find the Desk Dough Beam Layer (v6)

single fixture - Layer v6 2021-09-27 23-05-43.esf2

And the Desk Dough Beam Camera (v2)

single fixture - Camera v2 2021-09-27 04-09-54.esf2

More about Desk Dough can be found here on the webside of the company:

Stops and Mops - Desk Dough

For the Future i will plan to rewrite the Multicell Fixture.

If meanwhile someone has some tweaks, i will love to read them.



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