StartStopEffect ignores offset

Hi Community,

I'm working on my busking show file at the moment. I record effects on groups in different offsets in dedicated cuelists. when I want to use the startstopeffect button on my faderwing the offset I recorded in the current cue is ignored after restarting the effect.

i.e I have group 10 offset mirror out effect 10 for intensity recorded in cue 10/1. the cue is active, effect does what it should do. when I press startstopeffect on fader 1 which is mapped to my cuelist 10/ the effect stops. so far so good. when I press the button again the effect starts back in but it totally ignores the recorded offset. 

Is there a setting I am missing?

Thanks for your help.



  • I just found out that odd even offsets won't be ignored. so when I combine mirror_out and odd, the odd offset stays in place, mirror_out gets lost after restarting effect.


  • Hello, Claes:

    I have been trying to replicate this.  Can you tell us what version you are running, please?
    You mention pressing the button again to restart the FX.  Are you pressing GO in this case?

    Thank you,