Help, iMac/EOSNomad not connecting to EOS/ION


EOS Nomad on my iMac isn't reading the "Router" (aka Default Gateway) from my Mac and therefore can't seem to find or connect to our Ion console? Works okay on a PC through the same router. What am I missing? I has worked in the past (though that was probably pre-pandemic and I don't know what's changed other than upgrade Ion to 3.0+). Both are Mac and Ion are running (and Mac is on 10.13.6 High Sierra). Thanks for any suggestions....

  • You’ve got both machines set to the same up adress by the looks of it. Looks like the Mac has dhcp enabled so is being given an address by a dhcp server but the console ha manually had an address set.  You probably need to set the Mac’s address manually - change 101 at the end of the address to say 200 (or the proper solution is to adjust the setup of your dhcp server so it knows that consoles address is reserved and doesn’t issue it to other machines)

  • sorry, but the two images are from the same machine - showing the mac's network settings and how EOS isn't reading the "gateway". I think the issue was solved by the answer below though. Crud.

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