Import Presets from textfile?

Hello everybody,

i like to write some Presets with a text editor or spreadsheet programm.

And than import them into EOS.

The biggest problem i have are the Fixtures.

They are Custom made and importing them via ASCII always will destroy them.

Is there a way to Only import Preset-Data?

I am a little bit stuck.



  • Hello again,

    here is my update.

    I made it with a bit of time, trial and error.

    What have i done?

    - Export the show as FocusTrack (this will give me a ASCII file with no Hex-Based Values, sometimes there are some Hex in the File)

    - i edited it to my will

    - i used "Import" and only activated {Preset}

    -> Important: Select {Merge Data?}

    I think i would have made it before. The magic did the {Merge Data?} button in the end.

    But i know now that the FocusTrack is my favorite type of ASCII export.

    Thanks for the spirit.