ML Intensity

I have a scene with a couple of MLs pointing to specific areas and a heap of Dimmers elsewhere.

The next scene does not use the MLs. We have a nice fade time of 3/3 seconds.

Upon GO the ML intensity fade per normal but they also sweep around and I don't like "smears"

Question: Is it possible to leave the dimmer timing as is but tell the MLs (IE specific channels) to instantly cut their intensity?

They would go off and presumably move (while dark) .

Or, is this a case I need to put in a very short new cue, copy all but turn of the MLs?

  • let's figure out why you have "smears". either your lights fade out slower than the console thinks (that could be the case with tungsten lights that glow a bit even when they have faded out, or you didn't program as cleanly as you should have. unfortunately i think it's the latter. you can check this in the PSD (Tab 2): if the dark cue has a L in the MV columns (look for the small columns with the cryptic letters), then the smears were programmed by you.

    the L means Live Move and shows up if you have non-intensity parameter moves while the intensity fades from or to 0.

    to get rid of this go to Blind, Cue x Enter (the dark cue), Chan y (the smearing movers) AllNPs At Enter.

    - make sure that you're in Cue Only mode for this. if you're in tracking add the QOnly/Track button: Chan y AllNPs At QOnly Enter.
    - AllNPs is a button at the left side of the parameter tiles in the CIA.

  • Right on the money! Very poor, bad and unclean programming. Limited ML programming experience and trying to program very rapidly as Director takes any request in tech to halt for a while as a waste of his time!

    I'm closely looking at your notes. In the meantime I went to QX (the place we started and copied it to Qx.1 to get Qx Qx.1 and Q2. In Qx.1 I doused all MLs involved and set time to zero. Updated tested and then added a hang time of 0 so tech just had the single GO to move QX > QY. This must be pretty inelegant but will give me time to look more closely at your notes. Thank you. 

    PS I had arranged with an ETC tech from Orlando to come down and give me a couple of hours with MLs but Covid bumped that.