Fadercontrol via Midi In

Do i be right?
If i wanne controll a Fader/Submaster from zero to full via a Midi Controller without Luminos i must build an Eventlist with 127 Events.
And in every Event i must set the Level for the income Signal.

Or is there a smarter way i not know....

The Midi Keyboard i use send from his Encoders Control Change.
Have no idea if and then how i can switch the Encoders for other Midi functions
I find no way for set  in EOS a "range" from 0 to 127 in only one Event, so the Fader/Submaster runs syncron to the income signal

  • EDIT:
    If i mark Event 1/1 THRU127 and set to Input String i can type in all Events:
    B0 01 00
    So all Events get this Midi String.
    And then go down Event for Event and set the 1-127

    if i be right it must be same as MIDI: Control Change: 1, 0 On Channel 1

    If i mark Event 1/1 THRU 127 and set Midi Input i can only work in one Event.
    (is it a Bug or an expected behavior.?)

    EOS 3.1.0 Build 282

  • Unless things have changed you can not use a range of control change to set the fader label.  The only midi message that can be set to a range is an actual midi note.  It is unfortunate that most of the midi controllers don't have the ability to set a note value on the faders instead of a control change.  I would suggest doing a feature request for ETC to add control change values as acceptable ranges for fader control.

  • I did exactly that but exported as csv, edited in in an text editor and reimported the csv.
    That was still some typing but ok to handle.

    I was hoping to edit in excel to make my life easier and was actually able to get seperated cells for the values I wanted to manipulate but reimport wasn´t working anymore. I think that was due to missing spaces in between.

    It´s not very flexible but worth the while though.

    I´d vote your feature request up anyway ;-)