Manual 3.1 OSC changes

The changes in OSC made in 3.1 are not documented. This should done in the next revision, or a separate manual for Show Control.

  • We did add some OSC content for v3.1.0, but you are correct that other content is missing.  Our apologies for that - we will try to get it included for v3.1.1.

    New documentation for v3.1.0:

    - XYZ Coordinates: 

    (for example, if Chan 1 is a moving light, 


    Sets channel 1 to aim at position X=1m, Y=2m, Z=3m)

    - staging mode: 

    - dedicated third-party TCP server port 3037: 

    - use of “=” to denote ETC-specific arguments : 

    Other new things that didn't make it to documentation.

    - normalized fader levels (EOS-51565): Faders are now always 0.0 - 1.0 where 0.0 is min and 1.0 is max.  So, a Global FX Fader may have a range of 0-200%: sending that fader to 0.75 gives a 150% output.

    - OSC Get/Patch for Augment3d data (EOS-50738): 

    /Get Augment3d Information:

    • /eos/get/patch/<chan>/<part>/augment3d/position
      • Returns index, UUID, position x, position y, position z, orientation x, orientation y, orientation z, fpe set number
    • /eos/get/patch/<chan>/<part>/augment3d/beam
      • Returns index, UUID, beam angle, gel color, number of shutters, {thrust of shutter, angle of shutter} x N shutters (currently 4 times), gobo (UUID), gobo description (same as what's shown in Patch), gobo rotation, hide beam status 

    (These commands can return an FPE set of -1 at the end of the /position string; means no FPE set is not assigned.)

    /Set Fixture Position:

    • /eos/set/patch/<chan>/augment3d/position=<1.0,2.0,.3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0>
    • /eos/set/patch/<chan>/<part>/augment3d/position=<1.0,2.0,.3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0>

    (Six Arguments= pos_x, pos_y, pos_z, orientation_x, orientation_y, orientation_z)

    (Separated by Commas and No Spaces)

    /Get FPE information:

    • /eos/get/fpe/count
                   Returns int value with number of fpe sets
    • /eos/get/fpe/<set>
                   Returns the label of the set, size of the set (number of points)
    • /eos/get/fpe/<set>/count
                   Returns int value with number of points in the set
    • /eos/get/fpe/<set>/<point>
                   Returns label of the set, focus palette number, x, y, z positions

    (FPE set of -1; means no FPE set is assigned.)

  • Thanks for the elaborate OSC support, Matt, much appreciated!!

    Sadly, when requesting augment3d position data I'm running into trouble.
    Sending e.g. "/eos/get/patch/1/1/augment3d/position" EOS Nomad (3.1.0 build 282, on Win10) replies:
    [with the UUID replaced for better readability]

    /eos/out/get/patch/1/1/list/0/21, -1(i), [...way more stuff...]
    /eos/out/get/patch/1/1/notes, -1(i), [UUID](s), (s)
    /eos/out/get/patch/1/1/augment3d/position, -1(i), [UUID](s), -4.000(d), 4.000(d), 2.000(d), 0.000(d), 0.000(d), 0.000(d), -1(i)
    /eos/out/get/patch/1/1//augment3d/beam, -1(i), [UUID](s), 0.000(f), (s), 4(i), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), (s), (s), 0.000(f), False(F)

    Issues here:
    * Only position is needed, but a massive overhead of data returned. Requesting this for some 30 fixtures is overkill.
    * Even the actual position message is rather wordy, due to the UUID
    * The "beam" information contains a double backslash (by design??).

    Would it be possible to get only the data that one can set through "/eos/set/patch/<chan>/augment3d/position" : the xyz coordinates + xyz orientations? That is really all that is needed.
    And I might be overstretching my luck here, but would it be possible to get those coordinates and orientations as Floats (f), instead of Doubles(d)? The software I'm using (vvvv) doesn't accept Double, which really is my core issue. So far anywhere floating point numbers are used in EOS those seem Float, why not have Float here too?! :)

  • OSC doesn't support Double, so I expect this is just a mistake.

    Numbers are either Float32 or Int32

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