bug: EOS Nomad 3.1 on a win 10 laptop does not respond to keyboard after suspend and resume

I'm fighting quite uncomfortable issue with my Nomad installation. I have it on an old laptop and I'm used to suspend it to RAM or even hibernate without closing Eos. Starting from 3.1 Eos is not recognizing laptop keyboard input after resume, it seems to me that whole UI is a bit frozen - I can do just a few actions with mouse but clicking does not work too. Only solution is to rerun the application. Normal exit is not possible because I cane open CIA with mouse but clicking on exit does not respond.

The reset of system (any other application) works correctly

  • I have meant the rest of system, not reset Wink

  • I would not have expected this to work in any version.  I'm surprised to hear that it did. Eos actively prevents the system from going into auto sleep/hibernation/screen saver to avoid issues unless you are using the Offline version.  I would not recommend leaving Eos open and putting the computer to sleep or hibernating.  You could set the computer to do nothing when closed and it could keep Eos running without issues.  Sleep or hibernation causing issues makes sense to me as Eos would have to restart USB communications, and possible networking, in addition to other things from the OS.  

    Our recommendation would be to close Eos before sleep/hibernation if possible.

  • Hello Sasha,
    I can surprise you that suspending a laptop with Nomad worked correctly until 3.1. While I understand your recommendation I would be glad if developers could look at it. With Nomad on normal laptop nothing prevents you from pressing alt+tab or changing an active application on a taskbar (if it is visible). In such case eg. closing a lid initiates suspend and after resume you end in some undefined state when you need to kill Eos in task manager. It should't be "a feature" :)