3.1 Bug? Encoder map on several fixtures stops it from functioning

Hej Folks,

I started playing with encoder-maps and I´m loving it so far!
But I noticed a strange behaviour.
I keep my default map in default and want to map different encoder-maps to different fixtures.
In our venue we are using LDDE NanoPix in 11 Channel-Mode and LDDE-Cycs in 11 Channel-Mode.
Those are two different fixtures in patch but they have the exact same params, even on the same channels and the only difference is the ranges on the strobe channel.
When I create two identical maps for those fixtures everything works fine (even with NanoPix and Cycs selected together) but when I map one encoder-map to both of em it seems to use the default map.
Is this expected behaviour or am I probably missing something? Or is it a bug?

What I´m trying to do here is to use the (not so) dedicated (anymore)-encoders for colors as those guys are RGBCWWW and that way I don´t have to switch pages.

As said it works right know using two maps but I think I shouldn´t have to.


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