Bug: active inhibitiv + Flash -> channel go down


i somehow stumbeld over this quite a time ago and thought of having it reported already. But could not find it...

Software version... x-3.1(? don't know where it startet but it is not new to v3.1)

What is this all about:

When i put some Channels in an Inhibitiv Sub and pull the Sub down (to lets say 50%).

After that i will set a value for the Channel > 0 (lets say Full).

Now i select one of the Channels and use the temporaly Flash-Function [Shift]+[Out] or [Shift]+[Full].

What i can see now is that all Channels, that are in the Inhibitiv Sub, are going down in Dimmervalue by every time i hit the "Flash-Function".

After some time all the Channels will be 0(Zero).

Why, and can this be undone?