Multiple selections running the same effect

Hello all,

I am running V3.1 on EOS TI.

I am having an issue with my effect playback not working how I would expect.

Previously if I applied and effect to Ch 1-5 and then applied the same effect to Ch 6-10 I would have 2 separate iterations of the same effect running on an even trail across each selection.

Currently I am attempting to do this. While working the effect playback looks as expected. As soon as I update or record the playback resets and is now running as if I applied the effect to the channel selection of Ch 1-10, with a single iteration running an even trail across all channels.

Is this a change or a bug? Does anyone have a recommendation to achieve what I'm looking for other than duplicating the effect?

Thank you for your help.

  • as far as i know also in previous version of Eos you couln't have two iterations of the same effect. you could apply it but when recording/playing back you would get one large selection running one instance of the effect.

  • I've always had to just copy the effect to a new effect for each additional group of lights that you want running a separate "instance" of the effect. I've never known it to keep separate instances of one effect running after recording it. You can also use a macro to start the effect, just like you did before you recorded/updated before. Only caveat is that you have manual data until you're done with the effect. Hope this is helpful!