Bug or Feature? Group-Subgroup "strange" behavior

Today i create several groups.
In this groups i do subgroups.
Group 1 [1+2][3+4][5+6]
Group 2 [10+11][12+13][14+15]

Then i load via Direct Select my groups on the touch screen at my GIO Desk.
If i select now via Touch at Monitor the Groups 1 and then try step thru the subgroups, the NEXT Button not select Channel 3+4, he select Group 2.
If i select the Group 1 via Syntax in Commandline, the Next Button steps thru the group as expected

This also happen if i -after select the Group via Touchscreen- click at screen that shows the Channels.
So the golden Border is active at Channelview and not at Groupview.

Have i pass some in Change Notes or is it a bug?

EOS 3.1.1. last Build

  • When you click on a Direct Select, it places that target on your command line unterminated.  So it's Group 1 _  (waiting for more input).  So, press Enter after clicking that Direct Select, and you'll be able to Next/Last through the channels in the Group.

    The same thing happens if you type on the command line

    Group 1 Next

    It will change to be Group 2 or whatever your next group is in the list.

    It has worked like this for a long time.

  • Okay,.
    So it is a Feature.

    But,.... i not really understand the sense behind.
    If i do via Direct Select Group 1 what reason can i have then select Group 2 via NEXT?
    Without any other order for Group 1.
    Normal i select Group 1 because i wanne do some with this Group...

  • Absolutely.

    With Direct Selets, you might press the "Group 1" button, then press "+ Chan 37", the "Focus Palette 2" button, then Enter.  It allows you to build up a series of stuff into one command, instead of ending the command once you click the first DS button.