Global FX Rate Range

Hey there.

When using Global FX master fader I wonder if it is linear? For example if the fader has range from 0% to 200% and an effect based on 100 BPM is running, is 75% then scaling the rate up to 150 BPM? And in a range from say 0% to 800%, setting the fader at 50 means returning to 100%. But it can't be linear then. Or is the upper half (range from 100% to 800%) linear with a specific mathematical linear function and the range from 0% to 100% with another mathematical linear function?



  • Hello Lars,

    the Range of 100% is always at a Fader level of 50. (The Home-position of the Fader)
    Your Range of 0-800% will increase from 50-100 Linear. And decrease from 50-0 Linear. But as you maybe see, both linear-pattern are not the same ratio ; )
    The recent Range in % is always displayed in the Fader Ribbon.


    For BPM i can't help you out. Maybe someone other is more into it. Or you will test it yourself.