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Send Multiple UDP Strings

Can I send multiple UDP strings within a single macro? Thanks!

  • For Example, I want to activate 2 different presets in Paradigm from the console.

    Send_String pst act ShoHseFL, Global, 0

    Send_String grp tog WhitesMS, Global, 0

    If I set that as my macro, it will only send the first message and do nothing with the 2nd send string command.

  • I tried this out in v3.1.2.20, and Eos does seem to send both messages for me.

    In Eos' Tab 99 Diagnostics, I see each Send_String as its own log line.

    I'm using Wireshark on my receiving device and I see two UDP messages coming in of the two strings. 

    With no wait time in the Macro, the packets are about 0.025 seconds apart.  I suspect that might not be enough time for Paradigm, so I would suggest adding a Macro_Wait of 0.1 (or maybe even 0.0.1) between the two strings, and see if that makes the difference.

    I might also try sending each of those commands separately just to make sure their actions don't conflict.  Maybe ShoHseFl brings on the WhitesMS, and then they immediately get toggled Off, so you never actually see them come on?

  • With a nudge from you, I realized this is an issue when the Macro is fired by a Client rather than directly on the Primary console.

    I've written up [EOS-53576] When a Client fires a macro that has more than one Send_String statement they are sent as a single UDP string

    The output looks like this: pst act ShoHseFL, Global, 0 Send_Stringgrp tog WhitesMS, Global, 0

    It behaves the same way in v2.9.2.8 as v3.1.2.20, so this is not "new".  I'm guessing it's just not something that's been tried a lot.