Effect Duration change (Live) - BUG!

Sorry for the flurry of posts! Just catching a moment to write these up!

I have an Effect with a base Duration of 3seconds. 

Applied to channels, and changed the Duration at Cue level to Infinite. Updated into Cue, Cue Only. Effect runs infinitely, great.

But a little too infinitely! 

The Effect ignores the Cue Only, and now tracks through. But without showing in subsequent cues - not showing as running in Live, Blind or in the FX column!

Okay - so it's clearly a glitch. So I try to Stop Effect in the following Cue in Blind - but can't. Stopping in Live will stop the Effect, but updating doesn't take.

Obviously for now, I've just copied the effect and made it how I need it, but wanted to flag it as it's so glitchy on so many levels!


3.1.1 Build 120