Different results between Macro and MS macro command

the macro works but the MS command will not. Can we please get the same interface for MS macro commands as in the Macro editor. I’m regularly having issues creating short macro commands this way.

what am I doing in this case?

  • Are you trying to tell the console to fire a macro or does this trigger a macro on another console?

    A command button can directly send OSC commands without pretending to be a macro that should send an OSC string.

  • Actually, I’m trying to send a command to another Eos Primary to fire a macro. It works, but the MS icon will show a “0.000” after triggering. So I was trying to have it be a macro syntax to send the string instead of sending it regularly because of the 0.000 response.

  • But this just ties into my frustration with the way macro syntax works in MS commands. I like to have macro functionality in magic sheets that I often merge between shows and this way will not require merging macros with the magic sheets for it to work. It’s self contained, but not all macros seem to work.

  • You don't need the macro at the beginning of the command in the magic sheet.  If this is supposed to be an osc message you also don' need the send string in the magic sheet command.  

    The macro interface needs to know what you are doing and if you want to send osc the current solution is the send string command.  The commands in magic sheet are a bit better at understanding osc and as such don't need as much qualifying the osc command.

    There is also a local: command you can put before the osc.

    If you hover your mouse over the command window it will show you examples.

  • Read my reply to Ueli. Was having some issues with doing it the way you are describing, which mostly worked.

  • hmmm... have you looked in the Macro-blind Display.

    There is a column called "Target Device".
    You can specify that a macro-action is only called on the writen Target.

    And you than can call the actual Macro in the MagicSheet.

    Maybe this is helpfull?