Interesting observation in EOS after applying Fixture Library

Yesterday I downloaded the Fixture Library and applied it to my Nomad systems that are running software. Today, I happened to notice following application of the update that the Fixture version in the About screen was still showing as but in the shell it was showing as See screenshots below.

I did validate that the fixtures noted as added in the release notes do not appear to be available in the system so am at a bit of a loss as to what has happened here. To make it even more curious, upon backing out to the shell I discovered that it was now reporting the older fixture library (consistent with what was being reported in 'About').

I have reapplied the fixture update and the shell and 'About' are reporting the same version now and the new fixtures seem to be available as well. Very odd behavior and the first time I have encountered anything like it. Anyone have any ideas what might have caused this or experienced the same?