Discrete values in byType palette wrong font color after {Make Null} {Make Null}

3.1.4 Ti, 3.1.5 Nomad

In a byType palette with a channel with discrete values (values white), this channel gets nulled (values grey). then nulled again to restore. values are now magenta, but still show the previous values. so the numbers are still discrete, but the console doesn't treat them as discrete.

the color palette list doesn't show +Discrete in the Type column.

when this palette is applied to the channel in live i still get the discrete values.

i'm not sure the discrete values should survive MakeNull. discrete values of channels that don't have a type reference get completely lost. not sure that discrete values should behave differently depending if that channel is following a type leader or not.

but i am sure that *if* the values survive, then the font color has to survive too. we can't have diverging values that are not marked as discrete.

in this screenshot channel 1 and 2 are of the same type. chan 1 is type leader, chan 2 has discrete values

Chan 2 {MakeNull} [Enter], {MakeNull} [Enter]

the values are still there, but the white font is gone.

ColorPalette list doesn't show (+ Discrete)

thx, ueli