How can I convert a Tracking show to a Non-Tracking Show, and vice-versa?

How can I convert a Tracking show to a Non-Tracking (Cue-Only) Show, and vice-versa?

I would like to create the cues in Tracking mode and later on update the cues during the stage rehearsals, but then convert the show so that the venue can run the cues in Non-Tracking mode, which for valid historical reasons is their preference.

All the cues would need to look identical in both modes...!



  • There is no such things as running in non-tracking, tracking is an editing function only. Eos is always a move fade console, so cues can overlap.

    You can change your editing mode by switching to Cue Only mode in Setup, but this has no effect on playback, it just impacts what happens when you record or update.

  • Thanks for your quick response!

    So, if I understand you correctly, information that tracks into one or more Cues when working in Tracking mode will definitely appear in the Cues even when the Setup is changed back to Cue Only mode? Intensities, Presets, Colours, everything?

    If that really is the case, (Fingers crossed) why would anyone program in Cue Only mode?

    I have 250+ cues which run very close to each other in this show.
    We're working in Cue Only mode because that is how the programmers here work.

    I am constantly struggling to very quickly make the same changes to a range of Cues because by the time we have made the corrections to the live Cue onstage, and then decided how many Cues ahead those changes should track, the next 3 or 4 Cues have been called. So we get the first Cue updated, but miss the range of Cues that should also have those corrections and I'm pulling out what little hair I have left!

    Please confirm that it will make absolutely no difference at all to the way the show will look if we switch to Tracking Mode tomorrow...!

    Many thanks,


  • That is correct. Switching modes will not change anything at playback.

    Cue Only mode is an editing preference. Some people prefer to record or update knowing changes will not track forward into the next cue. It makes very little sense with moving lights, but it’s an option.

    The setting just toggles the default, you can ad-hoc switch to the other mode for a single operation using the Track/Q Only key.

  • That's tremendous.

    I've always worked in Tracking mode previously and used the Track/Q Only key when I have wanted the changes to be made only in the current Cue.

    But I have been told that we have to work in Cue Only mode here because of the 100 or so old shows that are still in rep. that were recorded on older consoles and that if we program this show in Tracking mode it may mess up those old shows. 

    So from what you have told me, that is not the case, and that if we switch to Tracking mode now it will have no effect on the playback of the Cues we have already made and edited, and no effect at all on the Cues of their old shows...?


  • Nothing will change in their old shows.

    Those other shows live in different showfiles anyway, right? Tracking or cue only settings live within a showfile (and even here it's not general but a per-user setting).

    So if you use tracking for this show and then they load one of the previous rep showfiles everything is back to cue only. Which isn't even important because playback wouldn't change, even if they ended up in tracking by mistake.

  • Brilliant.

    Thank you for confirming this and what dsmurfin wrote.

    It's great to know for sure that we can switch between modes at will and that it will have no effect onn the playback of our cues or the other shows in their repertory.

    Many thanks,


  • Good morning, so if I'm understanding correctly with the console in Cue Only mode the only way to get channels to NOT track is by a RECORD or UPDATE (or assuming COPY TO as well) in Live?

    So, BLIND Q 1 [chan] 1 thru 10 @ 2 enter will track all values unless I double tap Q ONLY/Track to toggle Q Only mode even though I'm already in Q Only mode? This seems counterintuitive but I AM running 3.0.1?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Tracking/CueOnly decides what happens to the next (already existing) cue(s) at the moment when you change something (that can be recording, updating, editing in blind, copying, deleting, moving a cue).

    if you're in cue only mode and want to make a change in cue only behaviour, you don't have to hit the button twice. being in in cue only mode and recording with an additional CueOnly word in the command line doesn't change behavior.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    That makes sense, what doesn't, is this very issue happened last night where I updated the first Q in a list on my Eos Ti set to Cue Only mode with this exact syntax: BLIND Q 1/0.1 ENTER 1201 THRU 1299 @ 2 ENTER.The result was the remaining 26 cues in list 1 had tracked all those channels @20 %.
    What did I do wrong?

    Thanks again in advance.