New user - Nomad - Encoders using the mouse?

Hi, sorry if this is already answered but I couldn't find an answer for what I a looking at. ;)

Background: I'm a new Nomad user (under a week in so far), a parent of a High School theater student, and their lighting board died during COVID. Due to supply chain issues they are way out waiting for a new one, so I stepped up to fill the gap. I started using QLC+ for the early stuff with an ArtNet box, but just discovered the educational pricing for Nomad and so now am trying to learn that system. This will be better for them and the students involved (tech) because their old board was ETC and hte new one is going to be an ION from what I hear.

So, as I try to learn EOS and running it on the laptop, I'm glad there are so many wonderful tutorial videos out there. While there is a gap between assumed knowledge and where I am, I am still making headway after perseverance is applied. Slight smile

One thing that still has me flummoxed, though, is when controlling an RGB fixture or moving head or something with encoders... I know that I can open the ML in the upper right and adjust the parameters there, but the CIA also opens with the labels/buttons for encoders (min/max/home/etc), yet I can't find any way using my mouse scroll wheel or anything else to make any changes here.

Is there a way that if the mouse were in the "box" for a given encoder in the CIA that that mouse wheel or something else could act as an encoder? I see this sort of mentioned but I haven't been able to get it to work.

I've spent a fair bit of money on this venture in equipment and the Nomad key, but even if there was a very affordable encoder module it would help. The closest I have so far is using OSCRFR on an Android Tablet (the Android version seemed newer than the iOS so I went that route) via WiFi to a network the nomad computer is on. Here I can use the FOCUS tab and see some encoders (and swap them out using the hex icon in the upper right), as well as the ENCODERS tab where I can assign many combinations of eight encoders. I suppose for this season of using Nomad at the school this may be sufficient, but I always like hardware if possible.

Speaking of hardware, I was surprised how easy it was to set up the Korg NanoKontrol with QLC+ but yet seemingly almost impossible under ETCnomad without a lot of external software. Right now I have it working with the Shift-Faders application. Probably a very different market segment but I do see the question asked a lot, just no good answer (now that the Luminosus application has gone unmaintained??).

  • when you have ML Controls open (either as popup from to top right corner of the screen, or as Tab 5) you can hover your mouse pointer over an screen encoder and then use the mouse wheel to turn.

    as to a hardware solution: the Ion (if that' actually what they're getting) does have hardware encoders. in the nomad world you could use a thing calles Lighthhack. it's an educational project by ETC, but using crowd support through this forum. it's an arduino project that will need some soldering and a tiny bit of work to setup the code (which is available). usually you can buy the set of all components at or, but supplay chain issues make this difficult.

    the official home of the project is here: you can find instructions, a list of components you would need if you don't buy from the shop and the code you'll need.