Large Missing Range of Rosco Gobos in Patch Attributes

Seems like Rosco Gobos are missing in Patch Attributes from range R78416 to R78812, It's roughly 658 gobos missing according to Roscos, database. I'm pretty sure not all gobos are meant to be included, but it seemed a significant enough chunk to ask if it was intentional. Is it possible to request the inclusion of this range? I caught it while looking for R78421.

For the show need I'm on right now, I'll import it in as a custom gobo as a workaround. 

I only managed to confirm this checking the custom gobo wheel options as opposed to the un-numbered patch attributes didn't clue me in to the huge chunk missing. I'm also hoping for a general search function for the Gobo attributes section, but I've seen the other thread on that already.