Force Eos to send cue number as a string argument in OSC

Hey there!

Does anybody know if there's a way to send OSC Strings that send the cue number as a String type, rather than a Float or Integer type? 

For example, in my OSC settings, when I send


and the cue fired is Q5, I receive an integer 5.

If the cue fired is Q5.2, I receive a float 5.2.

But I'm using a program that distinguishes what info it's receiving based on whether it receives a Float/Integer or a String and it deals with that data differently. What would be most useful to me in this instance would be to send the cue number value as a String.  

I have built a workaround for now, which is to have Cuelist 1 fire Cuelist 2, build a matching cue for each one I need to fire, and label it with the number of the cue (and change my OSC String send to be "/cue=%5" to get the label), but that's cumbersome on a show as we build it.

Any thoughts? I'm also reaching out to the company on the other end to see if they can interpret it differently, but figured I'd try here too!


(This is happening on an element classic running 2.9, but I've tried it on my PC Nomad running 3.1 as well.)