Pixel map - limitation Apex 10

We have an upcoming play that wants 32m of trolleys with a lot of pixel ledtape. We use Entec Pixelator and each pixelator can run 16 sACN universes with pixel led. We have 4 Pixelators, but the idea was that there would be 5 Pixelators and 40m of trolleys. Some universe isn´t maximied with patched pixels, so we can probably change connection for the data cable to run it on less sACN-universe. But I don´t think that is the problem.

I found in online manual says 16,384 pixels per pixel map grid. We had 4339 channels with RGBW, how do we count? Is it 16,384 pixels or 16,384 DMX-channels per pixel map? If we count DMX-channels we had 4339*4=17,356 patched. :)

So we are near two sACN-universe over the limitation of patched channels in our Pixel Map. 

We had problem with the last two trolleys when we had large content. When we run simple content it works fine. So I guess the amount patched channels in our pixelmap is the main issue.

Is there any limitation on how big our pixle map coud be to fit 16,384 pixel limitation? Our is not so heigh, more wide. 

We try to run it on a Apex 10 with the latest software and lot of question about Pixel Map is rather old in the forum. So it´s time to refresh Pixel Maps limitations in the forum. :)