Discrete timing bug in EOS 3.2 [Delay] [Time]

Found a bug that's been driving me mad for weeks (at least it seems like a bug, as someone else with 3.1 could still do this).  It's a relatively minor bug, as there is a workaround to some extent - as you CAN enter the syntax backwards.  

I frequently (probably more times than not) assign discrete delays and times to individual instruments (or groups) in cues.  

Example - It's always been [channels] [Delay] 5 [Time] 10 [Enter] [Update] [Enter] 

If I try that now, I get a syntax error by the time I get to [Time] 


Been driving me nuts - I started doing everything in two parts - All the delays, then all the times.  

It hit me last night to try it backwards - even though it'd be completely illogical if it worked (why would you delay something after it already happened) but it seemed to work.  I could enter [Time] *before* [Delay] and the cue seemed to function normally (at least in Augment3d - I'll try IRL later today).  But as freaky as it seems, it does seem to work:  

And there you have it.