MH Fail to answer cue!

Had a call from tech running a rehearsal last night: They went into a cue that should have put three MH's on bar 19 to 100% but none were coming up! Several cues followed that did the same. They tried going back in the cue list and coming forward again but this didn’t work. Also, the check power and DMX signal on the fittings were fine.

I had them select the fittings manually and pull their intensities up. They all came up fine!

Tech could not find out how to load the previous show file, so I had them turn the Console off and then back on. Things then worked as they should!

Racking my noodle what could have happened: One thing I forgot to ask was if there was an asterisk by the file name to indicate perhaps an unintentional change.

  • In a situation like this, [About] Channel will tell you what the console is doing with that speciffic channel including what has control - very useful for troubleshooting.

    After the fact, you can generate a log file with File>Logs and save to a USB drive. If you open the log file and look at the text files inside, it might give you (or ETC technical support) an idea of what caused the problem.