Are there no ETC people on this forum anymore?

There seem to be lots of people on here with genuine problems with very recent Eos software, me included, and there are little to no responses on the posts here on the forums - whether it’s to help or to log and investigate these issues people are having. 

Where can one get actual help besides calling the Emergency Hotline? So many issues are really just minor bugs so they aren’t urgent enough for people to call ETC, but they really slow people down and make using Eos a bit less fluid and get in the way of artistry and creation which is why we use these products in the first place.

I wish ETC would take the year and just squash long overdue bugs and then move on to create new features. Testing the software is so important and I personally feel that some recent releases should not have been released with some of the issues we’ve seen. 

I’ll end by saying that I love Eos, and I care about the philosophy of the desks. How Eos approaches core programming concepts has actually made me a better programmer across many different lighting desks as it provided me a strong and clear foundation on how lighting programming works. It is just in a weird place now it seems, especially after the pandemic, and this silent forum isn’t exactly what it should be.

  • Hi  , I wanted to get you a response on this. I completely understand your frustrations and concerns. Like many others we find ourselves spread a bit thin in the post pandemic world. This has been a topic of much discussion around here lately. We're incredibly proud of the community we've created here and agree that we've let that community down a bit lately. We're looking into ways we can improve that over the coming months.  

    You're right about taking some time to work on long over due issues. Another area we're working on. 

    While it might not feel like we're here we promise we are and we're always listening.  We love Eos too!


  • Thanks Lowell for responding. I am merely a big fan of your and all of ETC’s work and have been pushing the small theatre market I am in to move to Eos and have recommended Eos because of its designer friendly approach and great support from ETC. I usually will try every release out at my theatre and have noticed some bugs sticking around for way too long. I’m not sure if it’s not thorough enough testing before release or just a priority thing, I do not develop software, so I do not know the process in detail.

    The Facebook group, while active, is not the ideal place for formal reporting of these bugs - nor any feature requests, so where should they go? I keep a file of the bugs I’ve reported and the tracking numbers and too many haven’t even got the tracking numbers yet, some of which were bugs that caused me big issues live. Although I gotta say, I have been beta testing and reported to that forum and the beta forums have been great!

    With our first Apex coming this summer, I have been a bit afraid of this tone-deaf state we’re in currently as we’re transitioning to new hardware. But it is great to hear that you are aware of this and are working to improve it, that’s what matters.

    All the best to you,


  • Maybe it's an option not to add more and more features, but to fix very old bugs.
    The now and then catastrophic behavior of the snapshots, for example.
    This has been the case for several versions and updates. Unfortunately nothing has improved.
    But I can now do this and that with Augment that I never need IN the console...