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Eos v3.2.4 has released & Fixture Library Updates


I am pleased to announce that Eos v3.2.4 had released! See details below, including changes to our fixture libraries.

Eos v3.2.4 has released!

Eos v3.2.4 is a patch build with close to a hundred bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Basic fixture import via General Device Type Format (GDTF)
  • Fixture editor improvements and bug fixes
  • Show Control List bug fixes
  • Magic Sheet bug fixes
  • Shell popup dialog improvements
  • Apex display reliability improvements
  • Fix: Pixel Maps could use additional emitters when at source points of the gamut
  • Fix: disabling wifi on a Mac can cause Eos to hang or not launch
  • Fix: Partitions with thousands of channels can make the Partition display sluggish

GDTF Profile Imports

GDTF fixture definitions can be imported to create basic Eos profiles by going to the Browser, then File > Import > GDTF Fixtures. Once imported, they can be patched, edited, and used in your show file just like any other custom or user-generated fixture profile. See the following support article for additional information on importing GDTF fixtures:

Eos Family Fixture Library Changes

With the release of Eos v3.2.4, we have made some changes to how fixture profiles are submitted, import option additions, and legacy library support.


In Eos v3.2.4 and later, users can import General Device Type Format (GDTF) fixture definitions, giving another option to loading fixture profiles into Eos. See the following support article for additional information on importing GDTF files:

New Fixture Profile Requests:

For new fixture profile requests, we are moving away from our Forum to our Fixture Library Hub, where users can look up existing fixture profiles, download the latest library, and request new fixture profiles be created. We continue to estimate a 6-week turnaround for new fixture requests. Users who need fixture profiles on a shorter timeline are encouraged to build or modify them using the Fixture Editor. An instructional video on using the Fixture Editor can be found here:

Regular Fixture Library Updates:

ETC also continues to distribute regular fixture library updates for the current software, allowing users to stay up-to-date with all the latest additions and changes to fixture profiles. Download the latest library at:

Fixture Library Support for Legacy Eos v2.9.x:

Unfortunately ETC is no longer able to build regular fixture libraries that natively install into Eos v2.9.x. However users can merge fixture profiles that are included in a modern library by exporting them from Eos v3.x into their v2.9.x environment. For instructions on importing these fixtures, see this support article:


Nick Gonsman
Eos Family Product Manager