BUG: Patching of Cells in a MC Fixture WITH PART 2s


Whilst patching a multicell fixture I have come across the following.

I have a lightbox with pixel tape on either side of it. I want 1 cell to be both sides of the pixel tape so I have a MC fixture with correct number of cells and have each cell have a part 2 for the 'other side of it'

Chan 1 cell 50 thru 1 at 1/1 - patches the cells as expected

Chan 1 cell 50 thru 1 part 2 Enter / Type (select type) - All ok

Chan 1 cell 50 thru 1 part 2 at 2/1 - This will reorder all of the addresses of the part 1

WORKAROUND: Make the correct number of standard channels for the cells, patch the channels with as many parts as needed on whatever addresses is needed. Then do: Chan 2001 thru 2050 Move To Chan 1 Cell 1 thru 50. MC channel then functions as expected.