pixel map loop issue

I'm running EOS on Mac and found into a weird issue with pixel maps.  Everything is setup fine and the system is outputting the expected results to the lights, but on the virtual layer media depending on the chosen file the media will not loop forward as set.  In Lib 0 media from 1 to 99 works as expected, but all files 100 and up will mostly only run 1 time through.  I have imported a few .mov into a different folder and they experience the same results.  

The show file does have a lot of RGB fixtures patched and I'm close to the 6K limit on nomad, however even when I remove fixtures from the map or the patch the issues persists.  

While I was typing this post I decided to change some settings to see if the problem persists in all conditions.  If after the video has played through once, changing the end frame by only one frame shorter the video will loop, but with a slight pause at the loop point.  Unfortunately this work around don't really help with recorded play back.

Nomad is on a 2019 MBP running Sonoma