ETC GADGET II- New PC computers and USB-C

New Tecnology Computers-

We have to upgrade our computers and it seems that computer manufactures are going to the USB-C on the computers. IT appears there might be two problems.

Problem # 1

- I have a ETC Dongle with USB-A License- How will I connect the Dongle to the new computer. I am assuming that a USB-A to USB-C may work but most likely not. Reason is the ETC products normally do not adapt well with USB-C

Problem # 2

- ETC Gadget ii standard comes with USB 2.0 A/B Cable. I purchased a USB-B to USB-C cable assuming it would work. It did not. Just as before when there was Gadgett II shortage and we had to create a workaround with  Ethernet Switch.

Is anyone else having these problems? is there a fix so I can make sure we purchase the correct computer? USB-C is becoming the normally order for the future and I was curious if there is a work around.

 Any links or advise would be appreciated.


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